With one step before Europe

Bioef company was founded in 1994 and is specialized in the production of powder milk formula for infants and young children, products that are approved by the Ministry of Health, manufactured at Dostat in Alba county. Vitalact powder milk formula is distributed in all the country, in pharmacies and also through The National Program for Health of Women an Children, the subprogram Improvement of Mother and Child Nutrition.

The factory operates through integrated flow, controlled by doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists and veterinarians and benefits from 3 farms: a vegetal farm and 2 cow farms, and also a milk processing plant.

The vegetal pharm lies on a surface of 1000 hectares and is cultivated with plants with a high protein and energetic content. In order to assure the quality of the nutrients, just the latest generation of machinery is used.

The cow farm has over 1200 animals, most of them Prim Holstein, but also elite Normand, whose milk has a content of 4% fat, compared with the regular milk that has just 3,5%. The average production is 9600 liters/lactation. The record is 22300 liters/lactation and the maximum production of one animal is 103 liters/day.

The 2-sided 24 slot milking system insures control over the quality of the milk and microbiological contamination. This system allows the control over the quality of each cow’s milk and allows the computer follow-up of the livestock and the individual performances. In the meantime, the milk that does not correspond to the established technical criteria (conductivity etc.) is redirected, the system detecting even the health condition of the animal and being able to recommend the adequate nutrition.

The plant only processes milk from its own production and is equipped with a trial laboratory that is authorized by the National Medicine Agency and ANSVSA for the microbiological and physical-chemical control of the food and feed. The number or germs on the milk unit is under 10.000, the European norms being under 100.000. The powder milk formula obtained here is produced in conditions that respect the rules imposed by the pharmaceutical production, at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, and the Vitalact products correspond to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 standards, as certified by TUV THURINGEN.


Lactoferrin rolesThe new Vitalact-Lactoferrin powder milk formula contains lactoferrin, the only substance in the world that has its own world congress. The lactoferrin is a unique product in Europe, and for Romania it represents an absolute novelty. Japan and New Zeeland are the only countries that produce powder milk with lactoferrin. This product has 12 active functions proved by clinical and experimental studies and is one of the most important prebiotics.