Biodynamic Bioef-Bioterra – Integrated flow

Integrated flow (agricultural farm – animal farm – powder milk plant), controlled by doctors, pharmacists, chemists and veterinarians.

Agricultural farm: Bioterra




used surface ~1000 ha
-Sudan grass;
-sun flower;

Animal farm: Bioterra

Locations: Number of animals: Breeds:
Dostat 6 stables
Boz 4 stables
Bozana 7 stables


milk cows 604
heifers 100
youngsters 660
bulls 80
-Prim Holstein;
Genetic material: Performance:
USA (World Wide Sires)
France (Genes Diffusion)
Maximum 103 liters/day
Maximum/cow 22300/lactation
Farm average 9600 l/lactation

BIOEF powder milk plant was established in 1994 and specializes in the production of powder milk formulas for newborn and infants, products that are advised by the Health Department.

TUV - THURINGEN certification- ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 quality certification
The main components' quality: they come from the world's biggest producers.
Mineral and vitamin, lactose, cysteine, taurine, lactoferrin mix.
Made in Romania by Bioef SRL Brasov, company that comes "
One step before Europe".

Brief history:

1997-2000 stage ( "The hobby" stage ):
-The population of the unit with bankrupt old farms that were not productive;
-Household - non economic exploitation;
-Production of poor quality feed and in non-sufficient quantities;
-Practicing a natural mount with low quality bulls;

PHOTO Gallery! - "The hobby" stage

2001-present stage ( Sustainable development stage):
-Purchasing high breed animals;
-Establishing the basis of selection and improvement of the existing stock;
-Practicing only artificial insemination with m.s.c. from the USA and France from valuable bulls among the first in the world in terms of milk production.
-Between 2002 and 2007 BOZ si BOZANA farms were modernized on a free-standing system;

PHOTO Gallery! - Sustainable development stage

Absolute premiere in Romania:

-Westfalia milking system;

-TANDEM (DE LAVAL) milking system equipped with a CALPRO automated system of controlling: the milk, the fodder, the reproduction and selection

-2X12 Boumatic parallel system:

  • ensures control over microbiological contamination;

  • controls the quality of the individual milk for each cow;

  • automated tracking of the spleen and individual performance

Photo gallery - Agricultural farm

The message of the president of ROPHARMA – BIOEF – BIOTERRA chain companies

Dr. pharm. Mihai Miron – the production of the powder milk formula VITALACT began some years ago in the center of Transylvania in a plant specially set-up for this between the hills of Dostat village in Alba county.

Established in 1994, BIOEF company is specialized in the production of powder milk for infants and small children, products that are advised by the Heath Department in appliance with all the European and international standards and norms.

Photo gallery – Vitalact milk plant

Dr. pharm. Mihai Miron - VITALACT is a unique product because it is made in an ecologically integrated flow that includes a vegetal pharm, two animal pharms and a plant for the production and distribution of the product.

The agriculturall farm lies on a surface of 1000 hectares, and is cultivated with plants with a high protein and energetic content: silo corn with an average production of 50-60 tons/ha, soybeans, Lucerne. To ensure the fodder’s quality, we use attentively selected seeds, last generation machinery, computerized irrigation system.

In the animal farms approximately 1200 animals, Elite Normanda and Prim Holstein breeds live free in stables, their milk have a fat content of 3.8% - 4%, compared to regular milk that contains just 3,5% fat.
The average production is 8000 liters/lactation, the record 22300 liters/lactation and the maximum production per animal is 103 liters/day. The genetic material is brought from champion bulls in the USA (World Wide Sires) and France (Genes Diffusion), with embryo transfer being conducted since 2003.

Ultramodern systems of milking, De Lavale, Westfalia and Boumatic ensure the compliance of the physical-chemical and microbiological requirements imposed by the European requirements, allowing a quality control of the individual milk of each cow and the computer follow-up of the livestock and the individual performance. In the same time, the systems identify the health condition of the animal, recommending the necessary diet and medical treatment.

Bioef-Bioterra Complex has as main objective obtaining quality products, objective attained by controlling the entire flow and all raw material, interphase products and final products from a microbiological and physical-chemical point of view.

The BIOTERRA animal farm is the raw material milk provider that is used in the powder milk plant for producing the milk formulas known as VITALACT. For the testing of the quality of the raw milk and also all the other raw and interphase materials, the plant established in 2004 a plant laboratory specialized on physical-chemical and microbiological analyses. After a while, this laboratory broadened its activity thanks to the investments made in infrastructure, equipment and qualified personnel, becoming a provider of laboratory services. The plant only processes milk from its own production, having a trial laboratory authorized by The National Agency for Drugs and ANSVSA for the microbiological and physical-chemical control of the food products and fodder. As a confirmation of its orientation and respect for the quality requirements, the powder milk plant received the in 2004 quality management system certification as per the SR EN 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP requirements.

VITALACT powder milk formula for infants is distributed in the following counties: Brasov, Timis, Iasi, Bacau, Neamt, Alba, Teleorman, Galati, Vaslui, Suceava, Hunedoara, Cluj, Braila, Mures si Bucuresti, in pharmacies and also through the National Woman’s and Baby’s Health Program, subdivision: Improving the Nutritional State of Mother and Child.

Vitalact product range extended in 2006 with the release of a new formula with VITALACT PLUS CU LACTOFERIN destined to the newborns (0 -12 months). This formula is supplemented with bovine lactoferrin, thus being unique on the Romanian market of baby products. This substance has 12 biological active functions proved by clinical and experimental studies. It intervenes in the absorption, transport and use of the iron in the body, has immune-modulating and antioxidant actions and is one of the most important prebiotics.

As these products are destined for the infants, a very sensitive consumer category, the production in continuously supervised and submits to the rigors imposed by the requirements of the pharmaceutical production, meaning the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) standards.

This year, our plant marketed a new continuation powder milk formula for children older than 1 year. This formula is adapted to the high energetic necessity of children and is supplemented with natural antibodies that come from the colostrum milk. The new formula named VITALACT IMMUNITY JUNIOR contains both colostrum and lactoferrin, therefore suited for children with a low immunity or iron deficit.

Moreover Vitalact cu lactoferina and Vitalact Immunity Junior outruns through the new content many formulas that are produced in Europe. So, we succeed, when we try, to maybe be with one step before Europe.