Name: Vitalact Basic Immunity The mother's milk is irreplaceable
Producer: SC BIOEF SRL
Box color: LIGHT BLUE
Age: 0 - 12 months

VITALACT BASIC IMMUNITY powder milk formula ingredients

Name Quantity per 100 ml of powder Quantity per 100 ml reconstituted milk Measuring unit Name Quantity per 100 ml of powder Quantity per 100 ml reconstituted milk Measuring unit
Energy 500 66 Kcal Fats: 25 3,30 g
  2080 275 kJ Linoleic acid  3,30 0,44 g
Total protein substances: 14,40 1,90 g Alphalinoleic acid 0,30 0,04 g
Serum proteins 6,84 0,90 g Carbon hydrates: 54,50 7,19 g
Casein 4,56 0,60 g Lactose 51,20 6,76 g
Lactoferrin 0,10 0,01  g Maltodextrin 3,3 0,44 g
Immunoglobulins 1,00 0,13 g  Amino acids: Coline  47,50  6,27 mg
        Inositol 28,5 3,76 mg
Name Quantity per 100 ml of powder Quantity per 100 ml reconstituted milk Measuring unit Percentage of reference value % per 100 ml reconstituted milk Name Quantity per 100 ml of powder Quantity per 100 ml reconstituted milk Measuring unit Percentage of reference value % per 100 ml reconstituted milk
Vitamins Minerals
Vitamin A 537,5 70,95 µg R.E. 17,74 Sodium 162 21,38 mg 5,35
Vitamin E 5,71 0,75 mg T.E. 15,07 Potasium 615 81,18 mg 8,12
Vitamin D3 8,24 1,09 µg 15,54 Calcium 439 57,95 mg 10,54
Vitamin K 28,5 3,76 µg 31,35 Phosphorus 301 39,73 mg 7,22
Vitamin B1 375 49,5 µg 9,90 Ca/P 1,46      
Vitamin B2 972,75 128,4 µg 18,34 Magnesium 47,4 6,26 mg 7,82
Vitamin B6 382 50,42 µg 7,20 Chlorine 351 46,33 mg 9,27
Vitamin B12 1,24 0,16 µg 20,46 Iron 6,2 0,82 mg 10,23
Niacin 4125 544,5 µg 7,78 Zinc 4,24 0,56 mg 11,19
Folic acid 93,43 12,33 µg 9,87 Iodine 57 7,52 µg 9,41
Vitamin C 95,31 12,58 mg 27,96 Copper 309 40,79 µg 8,16
Pantotenic acid 2415 318,78 µg 10,63 Manganese 31,35 4,14 µg 0,34
Biotin 14,25 1,88 µg 18,81 Selenium 15,68 2,07 µg  10,35
          Fluoride 475 62,7 µg  
          Max humidity g. 3,00 --- g  
          Max ash g. 2,80 0,370 g  
VITALACT BASIC DOSAGE Standard dilution:
Infant's age Necessary for each meal No of baby bottles per day Reconstituted milk (ml)
Drinkable water (ml)* VITALACT BASIC
measuring spoons g
First week 60 2 8,8 8 67 Full measuring spoon = approx 4.4 g VITALACT
Second week 90 3 13,2 7 100
3 - 4 weeks 120 4 17,6 6 133
Second month 150 5 22 6 166 13.2 g VITALACT powder milk + 90 ml drinkable water (freshly boiled and cooled) = 100 ml reconstituted milk.
Third month 180 6 26,4 5 200
Fourth month 210 7 30,8 5 233
Fifth month 210 7 30,8 4 233
Sixth month 210 7 30,8 4 233
From the 7th month 210 7 30,8 2 - 3 233
* mandatory to use freshly boiled and cooled water


Based on an experience of over 10 years in the field of manufacturing baby feeding products, the research team of BIOEF created a formula that stimulates the immunity and increases the body's resistance to pathogenic agents, thus being recommended as a complement to breast feeding, but also as a base aliment.

VITALACT BASIC IMMUNITY contains immunizing factors, proteins and nutritive substances necessary to the babies' healthy diet. The high content of phosphorus and calcium help bone formation and the high concentration of A and G immunoglobulins that have direct action in the mouth prevent the development of microorganisms right from the beginning of the digestive tract.

Common name: Hyper-immune bovine colostrum, colostrum milk.

Completely adapted formula, corresponding to the period 0-12 months.

Clinical summary: The bovine colostrum is the cow's milk secreted in the first days after parturition. It is rich in immunoglobulins, growth factors, cytokines and ensures protection to the newborn. The bovine colostrum is used as a dietary supplement in treating diarrhea, infections, colitis or as an energy intake. The in vitro studies suggest that the bovine colostrum has anti-inflammatory and chemo-preventive actions. The results of the clinical studies suggest that the bovine colostrum prepared through immunizing the cows before parturition is efficient in treating Rotavirus, E Escherichia Coli and Crysporidium Parvum caused diarrhea.

Origin and obtaining method:

Natural, the colostrum being collected from sanitary and veterinary authorized farms from healthy animals from the first and second milking after parturition. The bovine colostrum is attentively selected, submitted to a low temperature treatment  and dried in vacuum at maximum 45 C. This procedure keeps intact all the active components (proteins, amino essential acids, antibodies, vitamins, etc) and provides the body through its complex composition a multitude of immunity factors as immunoglobulin, cytokine, interferon and lactoferrin. These factors help the body regenerate the immunity, prevent the occurrence and development of infections and hurry the healing after disease.

In its liquid form, the colostrum is a mix of immunoglobulins, growth factors and many basic nutritive substances, all conceived to offer the newborn the best possible growth. It is scientifically proven that the colostrum powder is beneficial at any age, not just for the newborns. In what concerns the plus added to the immune system, the bovine colostrum is approx 40 times more powerful that the human's thanks to iots more complex composition. 

Composition: high content of proteins (over 60%), rich in antibodies (over 80% of the total of proteins), vitamins and minerals, growth factors, casein and lacto-albumin, low levels of lactose.

Ingredients: VITALACT BASIC IMMUNITY, powder milk formula for infants, is manufactured from the following ingredients: cow's milk, liophylised bovine colostrum, whey demineralized powder, lactose, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, vitamins, mineral salts.

Scientifically proven action:

Thanks to its rich content in immunoglobulins (over 80% of the total proteins), the bovine colostrum stimulates the immune system and sustains its action of identifying and neutralizes the pathogenic agents. Many studies confirmed this product's beneficial effect in virus (rotavirus, C. parvum, E.coli) induced diarrhea. 

We recommend the us of this product thanks to the following characteristics:

  • product made of natural ingredients that come from own, controlled sources
  • it contains bovine colostrum with a high content of natural antibodies, processed so that it keeps intact its active components and ensures their bioavailability
  • it contains lactoferrin, separated from cow's milk, that improves the iron's transport and assimilation by the body
  • strengthens the baby's immune system and stimulates its action through the antibodies (immunoglobulins) from the colostrum
  • rich in vitamins, minerals and basic amino acids
  • it contains poly-saturated fat acids that come from natural sources (vegetable fats mix)
  • it ensures a high energetic contribution as per the requirements of young babies
  • well tolerated and accepted by the babies

Main actions:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antifungal
  • Immuno-stimulating
  • Shortens the wound healing time
  • Helps the better functioning of the nervous system
  • Intervenes in slowing the aging process
  • Stimulates the appetite

Dosage and warnings

The product contains animal origin raw materials  (raw milk, demieralized whey and bovine colostrum), vegetable fats, maltodextrin, lactose, vitamins and minerals. Each box contains 400 grams of air tight sealed powder milk in static atmosphere, a non sterile measuring spoon and a brochure with info regarding the product's content.   grasimi vegetale, maltodextrina, lactoza, vitamine si minerale. Fiecare cutie contine 400 grame lapte praf ambalat etans, sub atmosfera inerta, o mensura nesterila si un pliant care contine informatii privind compozitia produsului. Produsul se administreaza reconstituit conform indicatiilor de pe cutie, respectand recomandarile privind dozajul indicat, modul de reconstituire, igiena si conditiile de pastrare si manipulare dupa deschiderea pungii. O mensura plina contine echivalentul a 4.4 g lapte praf iar modul de reconstituire este de 3 mensuri pline dizolvate in 90 ml apa fiarta si racita, rezultand astfel circa 100 ml lapte praf reconstituit. Nu au fost descoperite pana in prezent efecte secundare ale acestui produs. Totusi, nu este recomandat persoanelor care prezinta intoleranta la lactoza.

Dilutie standard:
13,2 g lapte praf Vitalact Basic Immunity + 90 ml apa potabila (prospat fiarta si racita) = 100 ml lapte reconstituit
Masura plina = cca. 4,4 g Vitalact Basic Immunity